Colorado Coroner’s Office Rules Death of Girl, 10, a Homicide

Colorado Coroner’s

Colorado Coroner’s Office Rules Death of Girl, 10, a Homicide

On Friday, the Adams County Coroner’s Office in Colorado ruled that the death of a missing girl, 10, whose body was discovered in a ravine was a homicide, not accidental. Police in the Denver suburb of Thornton, Colorado, where the body of the missing girl, Kiaya Campbell, was found, collected a large amount of evidence during the search for Campbell on Friday, and have begun the process of sorting through and analyzing it.

According to The Denver Channel, the police collected over “100 pieces of evidence” in their search for Campbell. CBS Denver reported that Campbell’s mother lives in Montbello, Colorado. The 10-year-old girl was staying with her father, his girlfriend, and the girlfriend’s son, 15, in Thornton, when she went missing. She and the 15-year-old son had left her father’s home on Wednesday night and were walking towards a shopping center approximately a dozen blocks away.

Colorado Coroner’s Office Rules Death of 10-Year-Old Girl a Homicide

Campbell allegedly got separated from the teen boy by “a rainstorm.” The Miami Herald reported that, according to a police spokesman, Matt Barnes, the teen boy said he had started to run, because of the storm, and when he looked back, saw that Kiaya was not following him. Shortly before midnight, the police in Thornton were phoned and Kiaya was reported missing.

The next day, Thursday, a resident of Thornton saw Campbell’s body behind his home in a grassy ravine area. The home is around a mile-and-a-half away from Campbell’s father’s house, and is located near Monaco Way and Jasmine Park

Melissa Garcia, a reporter from CBS4, called Kiaya’s mother in Montbello, Colorado, and sent her a message, but has not heard back from her yet. Police in Thornton stated that they do not, so far, have anyone in custody for the homicide of Campbell.

The search for Campbell had involved “dozens of neighbors,” and over “20 law enforcement agencies.” The large-scale search for the missing girl, 10, really took off after the Colorado Bureau of Investigation issued an AMBER Alert for Campbell.

The mayor of Thornton, Heidi Williams, released a statement expressing her and the Thornton City Council’s “deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Kiaya Campbell.” According to The Denver Post, no information has yet been released by the Adams County coroner’s office about how Campbell died and no arrests have yet been made in the case. On Saturday at 8:30 p.m., a vigil to remember Kiaya Campbell will be held in the vicinity where her body was found, between Monaco and Jamsine, at 128th Avenue.

The search in Colorado for Kiaya Campbell, 10, after she went missing on Wednesday night, ended in a resident of Thornton discovering her body on Thursday, in a ravine behind his house. She was reportedly last seen alive when she and the 15-year-old son of her father’s girlfriend went walking to a shopping center on Wednesday night and got separated by a rainstorm when the teen boy started to run to avoid getting soaked. Campbell’s death was ruled not accidental by the Adams County coroner, and the police are considering her death to be the result of a homicide. An investigation into Campbell’s death is ongoing.

By John Samuels

Photo Courtesy Thornton Police

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