Housing and Land Use Justice

LA Housing Element


For decades, the city of Los Angeles has failed to invest in housing that is affordable to its residents and failed to adequately protect tenant rights. A direct consequence of this is evident through the increasing numbers of families and individuals experiencing displacement, gentrification, and, homelessness for LA’s most vulnerable residents.

The housing crisis is Los Angeles’ number one issue. The unmet need for affordable housing threatens families with displacement and homelessness and compromises our region’s economic strength. Our ability to address our climate and sustainability goals is limited if we cannot provide affordable housing options near high quality transit.

Opportunity for Change

Every eight years, the city of Los Angeles updates its Housing Element—“The plan to house LA”—with policies and programs to accommodate the production of a certain number of housing units to be built across the city, as mandated by the state of California’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). Los Angeles city was mandated to build 456,643 units of affordable housing in the Housing Element cycle for 2021-2029.

If done right, the Housing Element can ensure that Los Angeles grows equitably and sustainably. In 2021, ACT-LA advocated for the Housing Element and 6th Cycle RHNA to include bold, affirmative policies that would preserve existing affordable housing stock, enact strong protections for renters, and produce affordable housing units at scale.

In October 2021, the LA City Council voted on the Housing Element, and ACT-LA’s recommendations were incorporated into the 2021-2029 Housing Element. Although ACT-LA pushed for a full Environmental Justice Element to complement the city of Los Angeles’ Housing Element, the City Council did not commit to one.

As Los Angeles enters its 2021-2029 Housing Element cycle, ACT-LA will be closely monitoring Los Angeles’ compliance with its Housing Element, and to continue to advocate for housing policy that advances affordable housing and strong renter protections.

Resources and Updates

Read our comment letters below with proposed policies and programs as well as recommendations for the site inventory for the Housing Element update.

ACT-LA Response to Housing Element Compliance – March 2022
ACT-LA Comment Letter to LA City Draft Housing Element with Attachment A – September 2021
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ACT-LA County of LA Housing Element Letter – May 2021
ACT-LA City of LA Housing Element Site Inventory Letter – February 2021
ACT-LA Recommendations to LA City Council for Equity in Zoning Motion – February 2021
ACT-LA City of LA Housing Element Letter – October 2020
LA County Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Comment Letter – April 2020