Transit Justice

Reliable and Frequent Bus Service


LA Metro (“Metro”) serves approximately 1 million riders each year on buses and rail, and 80% of Metro’s overall ridership are bus riders. Despite this, Metro has not prioritized bus riders, who face disproportionate service cuts.

Many bus riders are already experiencing service worse than what Metro is planning for. Systemwide, nearly one in every five scheduled bus trips was canceled… On some lines, 20-35% of expected buses did not arrive… according to Metro data. The cancellation rate hit up to 50% on the 754 line.

Bus riders throughout Los Angeles routinely share stories of late and overcrowded buses.

The median household income of a bus rider is $18,000. For the majority of bus riders, Metro is their only source of transportation, and the second highest household cost besides rent. In order to have an equitable system that serves its riders Metro must prioritize investing on bus service and bus riders. *Source: 2019 Metro Customer Survey


Metro provides transportation between all regions of Los Angeles connecting communities to jobs, education, essential services, and recreational needs. Bus riders’ needs are reflected in Metro’s budget and decisions, creating an equitable system.


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Letter to LA City Mayor Karen Bass with recommendations for the Metro Board of Directors – February 8, 2023 (Updated February 22, 2023)
Letter to LA City Mayor Karen Bass with recommendations for the Metro Board of Directors – December 21, 2022
Letter to LA Metro on Prioritizing Bus Riders (With 120 bus rider written testimonies) – January 10, 2022
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Your experience on Metro buses helps inform our advocacy and demands to improve Metro buses. Thank you for sharing your experiences with ACT-LA! We may use your first name, bus line(s), and feedback in future advocacy, and your contact information if we have any questions.

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