Transit Justice

Funding Care-Based Safety on Transit


Metro has a ballooned multi-year policing contract with Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD), and Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) at more than $786 million dollars. Policing transit riders has not resulted in increased safety on the system and instead caused a disproportionate number of citations and arrests of Black riders. Despite making up 18% of transit riders, Black riders have been issued 50% of citations and arrests by Metro’s contracted sheriffs and police officers.

Our Vision

Our report Metro as a Sanctuary: Reimagining Safety on Public Transit—with recommendations for wayfinding transit ambassadors, outreach for unhoused riders, and other new programs like elevator attendants—puts forth a vision towards care-based safety strategies on transit instead of the status quo of the current ineffective police-first approach.

Our transit system can and should be a sanctuary that connects Angelenos to opportunity and services and provides a welcoming public environment that attracts riders to the system.

Resources and Updates

Metro as a Sanctuary: Reimagining Safety on Public Transit, is ACT-LA’s latest report on why Metro’s law enforcement contract needs to sunset and how Metro can improve all Angelenos’ lives and livelihoods through transit. One-page flyer version. (March 2021)

Riders Alliance‘s report A Riders Plan for Public SafetyJune 2022
Common Justice
‘s report Solutions to ViolenceSeptember 2021