The Alliance for Community Transit – Los Angeles strives to create just, equitable, sustainable transit systems and neighborhoods for all people in Los Angeles, placing the interest of low-income communities and communities of color first as we create a more sustainable region.

About Us

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The Alliance for Community Transit-Los Angeles (ACT-LA) is a broad-based coalition made up of organizations with expertise engaging in transit justice, housing justice, environmental justice, and public health.

Together, we work to build a Los Angeles where all people have access to quality jobs, affordable housing, necessary social services, ample transportation options, and a voice in decision-making.

Our Work

ACT-LA envisions a Los Angeles that is a transit-rich city where all people have access to quality jobs, affordable housing, necessary social services, ample transportation options, and a voice in decision-making. We believe in building a sustainable community through the reduction of toxic air pollution, the promotion of public health, and the strengthening of community culture and heritage.

A group of ACT Los Angeles members at a Metro station dressed up in various safety roles

Transit Justice

Transit riders in Los Angeles are overwhelmingly low-income, people of color, and/or essential workers. Over a million people in the county do not have regular access to a car—yet our transit system is unreliable and fails to adequately connect people with their jobs, school, health care and other needs. Therefore, transit justice is a key avenue for racial and economic justice, as well as climate justice, in Los Angeles county.

Our coalition’s collective vision for transit justice in Los Angeles county: Metro is a sanctuary for the public. The train and bus are fareless, consciously part of the region and integrated into people’s daily lives and neighborhoods. Metro serves the public as libraries do, a public system where people go to feel safe, access information, and receive a high level of service. Metro feels honored to serve youth of color and be a resource for all. Los Angeles is proud of how we have embraced a healthy, community-serving, world-class transit system.

Our Transit Justice Campaigns:

A group of ACT Los Angeles housing justice members making goofy faces at the camera

Housing and Land Use Justice

Los Angeles has a history of racist and discriminatory land use practices—and a lack of investment in tenant protections and affordable housing. These historical urban planning priorities have benefited primarily white homeowners, and led to detrimental health consequences, lower life expectancy, and traumatic lived experiences for generations of low-income families and families of color.

Our vision for housing in Los Angeles county: Everyone in Los Angeles will have access to housing that fits their family’s size, needs, and budget and live in communities that are dignified spaces, in safe and healthy environments, and have access to economic, social and cultural resources. Housing is planned thoughtfully in its quality, design, amenities and size to meet our housing needs. Residents have decision-making power regarding their housing, can exercise self-determination, and more. Angelenos will build community through collective ownership of their homes and land. Everyone will have equal access to live in whichever neighborhood they choose, families can choose to stay in their homes for as long as they want, and future generations will have the choice to continue living in the same neighborhoods as their families.

Our Work:

Our Members

ACT-LA is a coalition of over 40 member organizations throughout Los Angeles county. Together, we participate in advocacy, organizing, and policy-making—and collaborate on regional campaigns to improve the Southland.

Our Staff

A headshot of Marissa Ayala. She is wearing a black shirt and has her hair in a bun and is smiling.
Marissa Ayala
Policy and Advocacy Coordinator
A photo of Carmina Calderon. Her fingers are up in a peace sign and she is smiling while wearing an ACT Los Angeles t-shirt.
Carmina Calderon
Campaigns and Outreach Manager
Scarlett De Leon of ACT-LA
Scarlett De Leon
Campaigns Director
Alfonso Directo Jr of ACT-LA
Alfonso Directo, Jr.
Advocacy Director
Headshot of Tala, she has long hair and is smiling
Tala Oszkay Febres-Cordero
Applied Research Specialist, ACLS Leading Edge Fellow
Alison Vu of ACT-LA
Alison Vu
Communications Manager

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Resources & Updates


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